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Advancing Additive Manufacturing Technologies (FL)
NSF Engine Development Award: Advancing Additive Manufacturing Technologies (FL)
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October 2-3, 2023

This event has passed and registration is currently closed.

Event Information:

Gathering a community of stakeholders to nurture the advanced manufacturing ecosystem – in Greater Florida by accelerating the expansion and adoption of 3D printing.

About the workshop

Local businesses and stakeholders are invited to a workshop on how to expand 3D printing capabilities and grow local innovation ecosystems. Topics will include the Future of Advanced Manufacturing (AM), Workforce of the Future for the Jobs of the Future and Paving the Path to Innovation.

Workshop Principal Themes

Use Inspired Research (UIR) and Translating Innovation to Production (TIP):

Barriers to the use of advanced and additive manufacturing technologies and processes in production will be identified and solutions discussed. Use-inspired research that is required and paths to implementation will be identified.

Market & Supply Chain Requirements (Two Sessions):

The markets for additive manufactured components will be examined. The needs of current and future manufacturers of all sizes serving the broader market will be identified.  Approaches to building highly efficient supply chains will be critically reviewed. In the first session the “Market” will be discussed and defined by the panel composed of major domestic aerospace and defense suppliers and integrators. The “Supply Chain” will be emphasized in the second session, with participation from regional mid to small manufacturers.

Workforce Needs – Training Resources and Approaches:

Workforce attributes and skillsets needed to power the manufacturing sector will be examined.  Potential teaching methods and sources of information and training approaches will be discussed.   Emphasis will be placed on regional and local needs, which will also have national impact.

Regional Ecosystem: Resources and Focus:

The strengths and weaknesses of the three unique regions and local areas will be considered, and potentials strategies for growth examined. Measures to overcome barriers and shortcomings in will be proposed. An effective, coherent approach to nurture entrepreneurship and job creation will be a key focus.

Opportunity for All:

Manufacturing variability and the available regional workforce will be assessed. The session will seek to identify the primary reasons for this variance and explore concrete ways to enhance success across all categories of participants. Methods to meet the needs of the differing regions and areas, especially those with the current least manufacturing success, will be identified and detailed. Ensuring all voices from Florida and the nearby areas of Georgia and Alabama are represented, spanning all socio-economic groups, will be a key objective.


“Expanding the Northern Florida Ecosystem”

Monday, October 2, 2023, noon to 5:00 pm, reception to follow

Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Florida State University

Florida State University –
Panama City

4750 Collegiate Dr,
Panama City, FL


Who should attend:

  • Small and Midsized Manufacturers – companies interested in pursuing or positioned to move into advanced additive manufacturing/3D printing.
  • Local Government/Economic Deployment Organizations – those seeking to explore emerging AM trends and how to support the sector’s regional growth opportunities.
  • Workforce Education Institutions and Organizationsentities and professionals interested in supporting this sector through implementation of needs-driven workforce development programs.
  • Large-scale Industry leading system integrators and prime contractors interested in Greater Florida AM to improve supply chains and time to market.

University Partners

Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering
Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering


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The AM Forward Compact is being managed by the Applied Science and Technology Research Organization of America (ASTRO America).

For more information on ASTRO America, visit www.astroa.org.

Letter From Neal Orringer:



Thank you for attending our Advancing Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AAMT) workshop at Florida State University’s Panama City campus. “Expanding the Northern Florida Ecosystem,” formally launches AM Forward FL (AMF-FL), a first-of-its-kind statewide consortium supporting small and medium sized suppliers’ transition to additive manufacturing (AM).

Inspired by the potential of AM (or 3D printing) to address critical supply chain challenges and create a new generation of technicians, engineers, and technologists, AMF-FL seeks to establish Florida as a hub for small, medium, and large companies to thrive and continuously innovate. Our focus is to catalyze ground-breaking research and technology transition, particularly in communities previously viewed as less competitive in the advanced manufacturing sector.

To do so, ASTRO America is leveraging a $1 million NSF Regional Innovation Engine Development grant to create connections and discern appropriate stakeholders across the State. Ultimately, we are seeking to develop a team that will prepare a winning project proposal to the National Science Foundation for a $160 million Regional Innovation Engine..

More information on the federal program may be found here.

Through the upcoming Panama City workshop, ASTRO America is looking forward to gathering insights and input from stakeholders for effective deployment of AM technology into the Florida supply chain. We hope to identify committed partners that are equally interested in establishing a powerful advanced manufacturing ecosystem in Florida.

To this end, we are thrilled that you are joining us in Panama City.
We look forward to working together to create opportunities across Florida. Sincerely,

Neal Orringer
President, ASTRO America