What is AM Forward Florida?

Our AM Forward Florida; NSF Type I Engine Proposal developed by ASTRO America was awarded the NSF Engine Development Award: Advancing Additive Manufacturing Technologies (FL) in May of 2023.

AM Forward Florida is focused on serving as a pilot for the AM Forward partnership announced by President Biden in May 2022 with executives from several major U.S. corporations.

AM Forward Florida will seek to:

  1. Drive Innovation
  2. Support Local and National Economic Development
  3. Enable Community Investment
  4. Increase Job Growth Across Florida
  5. Attract a New Generation of Engineers and Technicians into the Workforce
  6. Host Participant and Stakeholder Workshops

This pilot project seeks to address the current limitations in the state’s supplier-base. Florida has the fifth lowest concentration of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.


  • Large Scale Additive Manufacturing
  • Metal Alloys and Composite Materials
  • Systems Engineering and Design for Additive
  • Workforce Development

A range of machine-types, materials, and testing processes will be explored to ensure effective AM deployment into Florida supply chains in close proximity to company/end-users.

Industrial additive manufacturing depends on:

  • Data Management
  • Topology and Analytics for Design Optimization
  • Build Preparation and Simulation
  • In Situ Monitoring
  • Qualification
  • Testing

Data driven qualification approaches based on probabilistic modeling and machine learning will underpin university research.

These thrusts will involve focus on:

  • end-to-end solutions
  • efficient design
  • automate quality methodologies
  • ensure repeatability
  • support scalability for large throughput

Execution of this Type I Engine Development will be critical to enabling this team to prepare for a Type II Engine proposal, making it much more informed, realistic, and attainable.